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Being part of a performance team

Be that a sports team

A club

An S&C centre specialising in Performance

It's like being in a family

Opening Wild Geese was about creating a family environment

We have lads on income painterstpaintersbeside raining and decorators training beside company execs

And no one cares

Because in the training environment, everyone is struggling equally

The Champion athlete is putting in the same effort as the as the out of shape beginner.

Yes the training looks very different

But the effort is the same

And this is recognised

The respect is mutual

And while the beginner might be looking at the advanced guys like they're gods

The advanced guys are looking at the beginners working their arses off and they are are taking motivation and encouragement from that

Serious athletes don't look down on beginners

They respect them, they need them

This creates a family

A family that doesn't exist in basic gyms

Where people one up each other

No real family support each other

They bouy each other up

They celebrate every small win

Wether that win is a first ever push up or a Championship medal

Find a family

And you'll find a good coach

You'll never feel isolated


Dave Hedges

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