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Exercise for depression

So we’re all feeling the pinch, the whole recession thing is starting to get us down.

How do you beat the blues? Simple, get a sweat on.

Exercise releases feel good hormones, notably adrenalin, endorphins and seratonin. Plus it can be a massive help in controlling the stress hormone, Cortisol.

What should we be doing then? Anything really.

Just because we at WGMA are martial artists, kettlebell lifters and bodyweight enthusiasts, that doesn’t mean you have to do what we’re doing.

Absolutely come to our classes, if not get down the park for a bodyweight session, take the kids for a game of football, whatever, just get out the house and doo something.

A short workout, particularly if it’s of an intense nature will do more for your mood than any drug, prescription or otherwise.

Get out there and do something.

Wild Geese every cause but our own

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