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“Everything has started working”

This morning a client who’s following our 12 week Kettlebell Sport beginner program was chatting to me. She’s very much looking forward to the AIKLF 5 min event on the 1st of December, her first competition.

Initially she had concerns as the program has very little of the Kettlebell Sport lifts featured in the first half of the plan

Instead there are a stack of Squats and Deadlift variations, Dead Bugs and Kettlebell lifts more often thought of as “hard style” such as the Get Up and Windmill.

This wasn’t what she thought she was going to get.

But now as we’re closing in on the event and we’re transitioning into more sports specific lifting, the penny has dropped for her.

Summed up by her statement:

“Everything has started working”

Meaning the Yoga class she attends is now easier. Hill walking on the weekend is now easier. And the new exercises as we introduce them are no longer intimidating.

She has built a foundation of Strength, Mobility and Endurance upon which we can layer any skill set on top of. She’s ready to transition into specific training for any challenge she wishes.

Her progress is not unique. This is how we approach all training in WG-FIT.

A person must be developed generally before we go to specifics. Even our specialists are brought back to general training frequently.

You cannot stay healthy if you specialise. You cannot perform optimally if you’re unhealthy.

So no matter what your ultimate training goal may be, alternate between periods of generalised training and periods of specialised training.

That way you’ll keep everything working. You’ll be more resilient You’ll circumnavigate plateaus You’ll build an insurance policy for when you age

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Dave Hedges

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