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Entry Level Fitness

I don’t address beginner level fitness nearly enough on this blog, I get caught up in all sorts of topics, most recently biomechanics and injury.

But it keep getting said that the fitness industry is failing because obesity rates are rising.

I don’t agree.

Fitness and obesity are related for sure, but they’re not mutually exclusive.

You can be fat and fit.

You can be skinny and unfit.

It’s down to lifestyle, not fitness training.

There are 24 hours in every day.

On average we sleep for 8 of those and work for another 8.

That leaves us with 8 hours.

Take a couple off for commute, and we’ll say 6. Maybe be generous and say 5 hours spare per day.

Average person these days (according to what i read and observe) spends a day as follows:

  1. Get up

  2. sit on bus/train/in car to commute to office

  3. sit in office.

  4. As 2, but in the opposite direction

  5. sit in front of tellybox

  6. go to bed.

Throughout the day, mindlessly eat and drink. Avoid stairs in favour of the lift and complain about failing health and expanding waistline.

Oh, and make excuses about not having the time to train.

But you do have time.

You can get up earlier and train. You can train on your lunchbreak. You can train before you get home in the evening. You can train late in the evening.

You just have to

1 – Want to

2 – Know what to do.

Number 1 there is down to the individual.

Number 2 is where the fitness industry comes in.

Each day I send out an email to my subscriber list. Each day on the email is the workout my Lunchtime clients did the day before.

These are short, full body workouts that should take in or around 20-30 minutes to complete.

My lunchtime crew, all work within a 10 minute walk of my location they get in, get it done and get out again.

Most are office workers, many have young family’s and long commutes to and from their work.

Time is an issue for them.

But their lunchbreaks are a perfect time to get out of the office for a change of scenery and into a gym to get a short, sharp, full body workout done.

When they get back to work they’re refreshed and productive. And they don’t have to spend any extra hours away from their family’s in order to build their strength & fitness.

We all have time.

We just need desire.

Get on the email list, I’ll give you the knowledge. Maybe even succeed in stimulating some desire.

Or better yet get in for a lunchtime workout: Lunchtime Fitness

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