Edges is gettin hitched

Wild Geese instructor & Fitness Coach, Dave Hedges, will be getting married a week on Wednesday (the 13 May.)

In order to celebrate this he has agreed to give you lot a wedding present:

50% off all his online services.

This offer will last for a 7 week honeymoon period from Wed 13 May to Wed 1st June.

During this period you will be able to buy his new eBook at the special price of €8.

Online personal training is normally €50/month or €250 for 6 months, for the honey moon you will be able to get away with paying a mere €25 for the month or €125 for a 6 month package.

He’ll only be getting hitched once (we hope!!) so take advantage of his good mood while you can.

Email us on info@wildgeesema.com, just make sure to put “Honeymoon offer” in the subject line.


Wild Geese

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