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Edges is gettin hitched

Wild Geese instructor & Fitness Coach, Dave Hedges, will be getting married a week on Wednesday (the 13 May.)

In order to celebrate this he has agreed to give you lot a wedding present:

50% off all his online services.

This offer will last for a 7 week honeymoon period from Wed 13 May to Wed 1st June.

During this period you will be able to buy his new eBook at the special price of €8.

Online personal training is normally €50/month or €250 for 6 months, for the honey moon you will be able to get away with paying a mere €25 for the month or €125 for a 6 month package.

He’ll only be getting hitched once (we hope!!) so take advantage of his good mood while you can.

Email us on, just make sure to put “Honeymoon offer” in the subject line.


Wild Geese

every cause but our own

Kenpo / Eskrima / BJJ / Strength & Conditioning

+353 87 672 6090

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