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Drug ‘tricks body to lose weight’

It seems that there’s a new wonder drug on the market……..

Now while the health benefits of reservatrol are unquestionable, it’s found naturally in red wine, but thats not an excuse to get smashed on red wine every day!! Instead try supplementing, red grapes are good (after all thats all wine is) as are capsule supplements usually based on Japanese Knotweed.

The really disturbing part of the article is this:

“UK obesity experts said new drug treatments were needed but should be used alongside lifestyle changes. About a quarter of men and a third of women in the UK are overweight, according to government statistics. A change in diet and an increase in physical exercise can shift excess weight, but can be hard for many to maintain. With the removal of the anti-obesity pill rimonabant, also known as Acomplia, from the market amid safety concerns, fewer drug options exist.”

Read that again. Do you see what I see? “obesity experts said new drug treatments were needed” WHY? Surely we should be looking at the causes of obesity instead of the symptoms. “A change in diet and an increase in physical exercise can shift excess weight” Correct, I have clients that will attest to that “but can be hard for mant to maintain” thats a clever bit of marketing, it has given you the excuse to not change your habits and instead rely on the drug. “fewer drug options exist” in laymans terms, there is an opening in the market for the big drug companies to sell you more garbage that you don’t need.

The long and the short of it is this: Reservatrol is good, however like all nutrients, vitamins, minerals etc, it is best taken in as part of the diet, not as a synthetically formulated supplements. This means that you should follw a varied and balanced diet and stay away from prepackaged and processed food. I have a great book on my shelf that I would recommend to everybody, it’s called “150 Healthiest Foods on Earth by Dr Jonny Bowden”, thats a link to it on amazon. Lifestyle, i.e. Diet and Exercise are key contributing factors to your long term health and to your waistline. You do have time to exercise, if you create the habit, you’ll stick to it. A great piece of advice is to shcedule an appointment with yourself, this appointment is your exercise time. Even if you’re short of time (hell I’m with you there) there are ways and means. Google Ryan Lee’s Worlds Fastest Workouts, 4 minute circuits that work. It doesn’t get any faster than that. Or go to the articles page of and look at the free Turbulence Training giveaways.

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