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Don't be sold on crutches

Foam rollers

Spikey balls


Even our beloved AiM wedges

These are all crutches

Use them when they need used but never become reliant on them

They are tools to address a problem, once the problem has been solved, the tools go away.

Rollers, all self massage tools are there to cause a reduction in muscle tone, to make a muscle more pliable or even temporarily inhibit the muscle from contracting

During this short window of reduced tone, you should address the reason that muscle constantly tightens up.

Orthotics are there to support the arches of the foot.

These arches have held us up for a couple of million years, so I'm pretty sure that you can strengthen those feet, to clean up the control center that controls the muscle activity.

Which is where we come to our AiM wedges.

We use them specifically to encourage better joint actions and therefore muscle action.

The reason I give you wedges when we work through an AiM assessment and the exercises you then use to warm up with is specifically so that you don't need them for the following activities

My point with this post?

I'm tired of seeing you getting sold shit you ultimately don't need

Marketing companies trying to convince you that your body isn't enough all by itself.

Or if it isn't, it certainly could be with the right training.


Dave Hedges

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