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Do Kettlebells work? I had a friend answer this one….

Are Kettlebells a fad? Do Kettlebells really work? How are they effective?

These are some of the most common questions that surround one of my favourite training tools. But rather than me answering them, lets hand over to the Underground Strength Coach himself, Zach Evan-Esh:


At Wild Geese we use a variety of tools and methods depending on who it is we are training, but there are some constants, these being barbell deadlifts, bodyweight drills and a whole range of kettlebell lifts. Results have shown us that what we do works. Having an internationally recognised figure like Zach talk about kettles in much the same way we use them goes to show that what we do isn’t just luck, but good judgement.

If you want the full picture of what you can achieve by mixing modalities, including the kettlebell, then you really must attempt our Boot Camp. this year has seen quite an attrition rate, few seem to have the stuff to last the distance. Alternatively, get yourself into the workshop program, we have a Level 1 and Level 2 running on Sunday May 29th. The workshops are highly detailed learning experiences that will take you from novice to trainee instructor or qualified practitioner. Every workshop participant receives a follow up manual (available separately here) for reference.

Kettlebells have reached the mainstream, don’t get caught out by mickey mouse instructors jumping on the band wagon, we’ve been lifting kettles since 2006, we’ve trained under the worlds best and even competed in kettlebell sports. We’ve used the bells to train a variety of hard charging athletes, from fighters to triathletes, adventure racers to GAA players, Rugger buggers to house wives.

This is Wild Geese, the home of high quality training.



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