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Do I Train Athletes Differently to Regular People?

I guess I’m finally a fitness celebrity!

Apart from the amount of spam email, spam facebook friend requests and people badgering for free information (most of which appears here in the form of Ask Dave blog posts)

I’ve now been invited to appear on a podcast, my first ever!

My American buddy Mark Smith has launched a new site named “I Am Awake & Alive” which is a pretty cool title.

He’s all about unconventional training, training for life and getting real people real results.

Non of the usual bollocks about biceps and 6 packs or dropping dress sizes.

So he asked me about my background, my martial arts, Anatomy in motion, human movement and if i train athletes any differently to how I train regular folk.

So please, have a listen and then write in with your feedback, I’d love to hear it.

Here’s the link:


Dave Hedges

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