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Defining a Professional

I’m just back from the O’Brien Fitness & Performance down in Limerick where I was attending the IKFF CKT level 1 course run by Steve Cotter.

Steve is well known and respected as coach specialising in kettlebells. He was part of the original RKC team back when Kettles were unheard of, and has since travelled the world training under the best of the best to formulate this course.

I first did the course several years ago and have worked with Steve on several occasions since, but he never fails to impress me each time.

What really impresses me is that presence he carries with him.

A presence that says, “I’ve nothing to prove. I’ve done the work and I’ll show you on any given day”

It’s not a challenge, it’s just a quiet confidence.

And I like that.

Its an attitude common amongst many that have spent their life pursuing their passion relentlessly. Becoming an expert in their field.

It’s the presence of a professional.

This Thursday, Steve will be here in Wild Geese teaching a special workshop.

As much as Steve is known for his Kettlebell expertise, he’s also well versed in flexibility training.

It was Steve who introduced me to the concept that Strength & Flexibility are two sides of the same coin and should be developed concurrently.

Which fits right in with the Anatomy in Motion methods I employ now.

So on Thursday Steve will be taking us through his Flexibility for Athletes method as well as showing how he implements Kettlebells when training the professional athletes he works with.

There’s a handful of places remaining on the workshop, for more details, click this button:


I’ll see you there.


Dave Hedges

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