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Dave Does Dublin, May Edition..

This is a quick heads up that I will be in Wild Geese on Sat 21st and Sun 22nd May, 2022

I'm already booked out on the Sunday, this trip has been requested by a group of guys looking help. But I am taking bookings for the Saturday.

As ever, it's flying visit, so time is always tight.

To this end, I'm taking bookings through the usual booking calendar, but instead can you ping me directly using email or the Wix mobile app.

Bookings will of course be first come first served, but I'll leave a bit of time for the social, it's always great to catch up with my #wgfamily anytime I'm in town.

So, if you want:

  • Assessment for injury management

  • Assessment for a training plan

  • Consultation re training

  • A chinwag and dose of Dave's Bullshit free chit chat

  • Any other reason except line dancing or kareoke

Get in touch. You know how

See you soon


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