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Daily Debt Training or How To Get Stronger Without Working Out

This has been an insane year for many of my regular members.

Some have had babies. Some have been promoted in their jobs. Some have brand new jobs. Some have changed countries. Some have founded new companies. Some have been headhunted by rival companies.

I love this. It not only means the guys that come to me for training have an unwavering attitude and thirst for training, but also for life as a whole. The guys inspire me no end.

There has also been a couple of other outcomes as a result of these changes.

1: I’ve space for new members at last. I’ve a very low turnover usually so I tend to turn away a good few people. But currently I have space in my Lunchtime and Beginner classes.

2: The Online Training program had to be brought back as some of the guys still train under me remotely.

3: Some of the guys struggle to find the time to train. And this is the point of this post.


It seems non of us have enough.

Certainly not those with new babies or new, jet set executive positions.

How then can you still train?

Introducing the Daily Debt method.

It’s a method my Wife used before Son no 2 started school. It also the method one of my girls used to double her pull up number. (I might have stolen the title from Mick Coup, it’s also referred to as “grease the groove”)

It goes like this:

Pick a handful of high value exercises.

Pick a number.

Complete this number of repetitions in a 24 hour period.


You’re selection maybe:

Upper Body Pull: Chin Up Upper Body Push: One Arm Push up Lower body: Pistol Squat

Today you have to total 25 Chin ups Tomorrow, 25 Push Ups per arm The day after, 25 pistols per leg

Pistol Squat

Rhia checking depth, she can be a tough coach!

How many reps you do in any one set is up to you, it maybe done in 3 sets or 30 so long as by the end of the day you have paid off that days debt.

Obviously scale the exercises and number to your ability, your wants and your needs, the example above is simple one I gave out recently.

You may choose instead:

Upper Body Pull: Hanging x 5mins Upper Body Push: Handstand x 5mins Lower body: Bridge hold x 5 mins

The possible combinations go on, especially if you have access to some kit. If you have a kettlebell at home, clean & press it, do Goblet Squats or snatch it. If you have a TRX, do inverted rows & feet elevated push ups If you have rings, do Chins, Dips, variations of gymnastics movements. If you have a child, get down on the floor and copy them, chase them on all fours, use them for squats (I still do this with mine, squatting with a wriggling 3yr old and squirming 6yr old is the epitome of odd object training!)

Even if you do have the time, this is a great way to bring up a weak area or up your non exercise activity to balance out all those christmas treats……


Dave Hedges

If you’re interested in my classes / private training, CLICK HERE

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