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Couple of class updates

Just to keep you abreast of the goings on at our Dublin HQ:

Monday : The Pad & Bag class will now serve as a warm up session for the Brazilian JuJitsu. This allows Mariusz to teach in more detail without spending his already limited time with a warm up. All who wish to attend the BJJ should arrive at 6(ish) to take part in Pauls class at no extra charge.

Thursday : We’ve messed around with the time slots here a fair bit and have decided that rather than teach a Kenpo class and a an Eskrima class, istead we’ll teach a format Paul created a few years ago in Cuba. It was named Kenpo Cubano and blends the arts of Kenpo & Eskrima into a concept led system that encompases all ranges from close up unarmed combat to street style weapon defence.

Also on a Thursday, the Kettlebell session at 6.30pm is fully subscribed, if you wish to train, you must book in. Sorry guys, but it is the reason we started the monday session.

All the best

Wild Geese every cause but our own

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