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Countdown to Cotter

We’re on the countdown now, Steve Cotter will be arriving in Dublin at the end of this week to teach a workshop here at Wild Geese HQ on Saturday.

These are exciting times, I’ve hosted Steve here once before, and his presence, teaching style and work ethic was incredible. Myself and the guys that also attended his CKT course earlier this year were all blown away, both in terms of the knowledge we gained but also in the fact that Steve is such an inspiration.

This time round, it’s not a certification, it’s more of a general workshop where we will see many of the methods he has used to get himself into and maintain such an incredible level of fitness.

I’ve written previously about how a fighter must have a balance of strength, power, endurance and flexibility (see this post: A Tale of Two Extremes). How if one aspect is over or under developed he will never reach his full potential. This is a balance rarely struck, but it’s one that Steve Cotter seems to have embodied, just check out this picture:

Strength and Mobility in perfect harmony

Yes they are 24kg bells. Look how comfortable he is, how balanced and poised, at how straight his extended leg is. And yes, he stands up with ease from this position. Now compare that to how you move, even squatting a pair of 24’s on both feet is too much for many, often times due to poor flexibility, other times lack of strength.

On Saturday we will be learning some of the bodyweight and animal drills Steve uses for full body explosiveness, kettlebell drills for work capacity and core strength, mobility drills for ease of movement and strength even at the extreme ranges of movement and Chi Gung drills for mental focus and faster recovery.

There are still a couple of spaces available if you wish to attend, simply drop me an email ( or give me a ring o 087 672 6090.

The workshop details:

Venue: Wild Geese, 14 Magennis Place, Pearse St, Dublin 2 (map) Date: Saturday 27th November 2010 Time: 10am – 4pm Cost: €300

Get I touch TODAY.



Steve Cotter Workshop: Mr Steve Cotter of, will be here in little under a week, if I don’t have your deposit yet, you have until tonight to get it to me! Please contact me for details asap!

Next Boot Camp commences 31st January – Contact us ASAP as the last two camps sold out and we had to turn people away

Email for more details (

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