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Core Blimey! or How to Strengthen the Abs while Opening the Hips

A strong core is vital for any athletic endeavour.

Even if that athletic endeavour is simply looking good on the beach.

Ursula Andress in 1962’s Dr No.

That’s athletic right?

Most of the people I train are involved in a sport or activity that requires good levels of strength, mobility and endurance to control their body, someone elses body or a piece of equipment through space with some degree of force.

I recently published a photo album of some of our clients doing what they do on our Facebook Page:

Which means some of the requests I get the most are:

Help me open my hips so they move better


Strengthen my core for better power transference.

Thankfully, two of my favourite subjects.

And a very interesting point to consider is that hip mobility is strongly correlated with core stability.

That’s right, a strong core should allow your hips to move more freely.

So, why not superset and solid abdominal strength / strength endurance exercise with a hip mobility exercise?

It’s something gymnasts already know and understand. Many martial artists also use this trick.

And now, so can you.

With the wonders of Vimeo I’m creating several follow along reference videos for you to use.

This one is titled “Core Blimey” and is a 20 minute “Abz” session that will help you develop the core while loosening those hips.

Ideal as a finisher in the gym, or on an off day. All you need is a light kettlebell and a countdown timer (actually, you don’t need the timer if you play the video, you can hear mine!)

Have a look:

And as ever, if you have any questions, drop me a line


Dave Hedges

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