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Cool It Down

How and why do we cool down after training?

It's question just asked by one of our online clients.

It's an easy question to answer.

A cool down is the exact opposite of the warm up.

The intention is to lower the heart rate, slow the breath and return to homeostasis.

We can also spend time loosening up and flushing fresh blood through the muscles we focused our training on.

You could, if you so choose simply repeat your warm up, maybe in the reverse order, but in a gradually easier manner as opposed to the gradually more intense manner you warm up in.

Here's how I like to cool down:

Initially, walk about shaking out tension as I go.

When shaking out tension, the muscles ought to "jiggle"

A friend of mine described it as "imagine you're shaking the meat of the bone"

All the while I'm using my exhales to slow the heart rate, getting back to nasal breathing as quickly as I can.

Then I'll go to specific mobility/ rehab movements.

If you don't have specific movements that you want to work on, might I suggest you use the "Quick Yoga" sequence:

Use this sequence as a start point, a template.

If you feel there's a section of the sequence you'd get benefit from doing extra, then do that section a few times.

If you want to add into it, add into it.

Here's a few examples

The only rule is that the intensity of the movement reduces as you go.

By the time you're finished, you should be relaxed and ready for whatever else the day may bring


Dave Hedges

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