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CONFIRMED – Steve Cotter, CKT 1&2, June 2012

Steve Cotter is coming back to Wild Geese!

We’ve been discussing options and have decided to go with a 3 day course over the June Bank Holiday weekend, that’s the 2nd, 3rd and 4th June.

Over the three days we will run over both the CKT (Certified Kettlebell Trainer) levels 1 and 2. I’m sure you’ll have the option of just doing Level 1 if needed.

What is CKT?

Aside from a certification course, I mean you go to almost any fitness company these days and do that. No, the CKT is the cutting edge certification, it’s the certification that says you actually learned from people who know what they are doing.

Steve travels the world not just to teach, but also to learn. He’s been at Wild Geese teaching three times already and each time his information has been updated on the time before.

His last visit was just after his visit to a Russian training camp where he was tutored by the coach that has trained numerous Kettlebell Sports world champions.

Steve then takes this information and delivers it to us in a manner which we can clearly understand and pass along to our students. After all, our students aren’t World Champions, and they’re probably not Russian either. So by training under Steve and the IKFF you have access to cutting edge info that he’s already translated to the everyman language.

In the next few days I hope to have prices and payment options available for those wanting to book. Untill then if you have any questions, feel free to contact me or go to and contact Steve and his guys directly.

A few things you should know:

  1. The course is hands on, so be sure to spend plenty of time under the iron, you will be doing a lot of work as you practice the various technical tweaks, plus there will be several little workouts along the way both so you can experience what Kettlebell Lifting is really about and also so he can see what you’re all about. You will need your fitness to be at an acceptable level.

  2. Bring a notepad. There will be a stack of info thrown at you, you’ll need to make a few notes along the way to make sure it sticks. You are not just going to learn a few kettlebell lifts, you probably already know them, you are going to learn all the fine details involved in maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of those lifts.

  3. Steve will also introduce you to a wider philosophy on fitness which includes breathing, stretching, proper warm up techniques and more. Unless you have a photographic memory, bring a note book.

  4. Prepare some questions. Each time Steve comes over I’ve seen him do his utmost to answer every question thrown at him in great detail. His training experience and knowledge is broad and deep, he can help you understand how each lift can be used for your own training and how to apply it to your clients training, whatever it is they are training for.

  5. Be ready to work. Each time he comes I see people tearing calluses from their hands, I see them huffing and puffing panting for breath, and best of all I see the look of grim determination in their eye. This is what makes an athlete, this is what you’ll need to become CKT. You need a body and mind that are as tough as the kettles that forged then, but with the openness and flexibility to learn and adapt.

More details will be released shortly.



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