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Complex Simplicity

If you train at home, in a busy commercial gym or if your a fighter looking for the best in strength and condition while leaving you fresh for the technical work, you’ll go a long way to find a better training modality than complexes.

A complex is circuit, performed continuously with a single piece of equipment. They’re great for Barbells, Kettlebells and sandbags.

Just yesterday evening when I got home I dragged my sandbag from the shed and in the cool twilight of my back garden in went through on of the simple complexes I got from Alwyn Cosgrove.

Here it is:

Perform 6 reps of each exercise, do not put the bag down between exercises.

1 Bent Over Row 2 Clean, Front Squat, Overhead Press 3 Alternating Lunge Go for 6 rounds, keep the rest periods short (30 seconds)

It wont take long to complete, but you’ll hit all the major areas, including your cardio.

Changing the reps, rest and weight will change the focus of the drill. For example, go lighter for longer sets with minimal rest for endurance work, or load up heavy and increase the rest for strength.

Here’s one I return to often to build strength and staying power: Take one barbell, put on some pumping tunes and get ready to swear (this drill was nicknamed the m£therf&*!ker by one guy who tried it). Here it is:

1 Deadlift 2 Romanian Deadlift 3 Bent Over Row 4 Hang Clean & Overhead Press 5 Squat 6 Alternating Lunge

To really push the boundaries we would start light, 10-15 reps for 1 round. Then up the weight, drop to 8 reps, up again for 5reps, up again for 3 reps and finally just attempt to get 1 rep of each!

This got us strong, durable and determined. There wasn’t much that could stop us.

You’ll find more on Alwyn by clicking Here


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