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Comparison is the thief of joy

Or at least that's what they tell you

We're not meant to be the same.

We're meant to be complimentary though.

Meaning that we have heavyweights and lightweights

Props and wingers

Basketball players and Jockeys

Powerlifters and rock climbers

The list could go on.

To covet another person's attributes is normal.

To envy them is unhelpful though.

Eddie Hall can NEVER be Alex Honnold, or vice versa.

For either to try would be futile.

But they could take inspiration from each other.

This is what successful people do.

They don't compare and look at another person thinking I'll never be like them.

They look and see a person they can use as an example, an inspiration.

And then they get to work on themselves.

So, look at others.

Don't compare, instead be objective

What makes that person someone you want to emulate?

What do they do?

What's their attitude, their outlook?

What principle based strategies do they apply, and can I utilise those same principles to create my own strategies?

We don't look to become a carbon copy, that's boring, unoriginal.

No, we want to be like Johnny Cash when he covered Nine Inch Nails song, Hurt

Or Faith No More singing Lionel Richie's Easy

Or Disturbed's version of Simon and Garfunkel's Sound of Silence

It's not a copy

It's their own unique take on it

Comparison can be miserable, but it can also be a wonderful learning opportunity to for you to improve yourself


Dave Hedges

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