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Chi Gung

There is a lot of debate on whether or Chi actually exists. I mean you can’t see it or touch it and it gets attributed to some incredible feats. A bit like the wind, or electricity I suppose.

I’m not getting into the argument but I am going to sing the praises of following a Chi Gung programme.

If you approach Chi Gung with the attitude that it is another tool for your training arsenal you will benefit. Add it in beside your Kettlebells, Punchbags and Air Max runners, do you honestly need any of this kit, no, is it useful for a purpose, absolutely yes.

There are many systems and styles of Chi Gung but one of my favorites is called Ba Duan Jin or 8 Pieces of Brocade. While it is considered a warm up set for bigger Tai Chi workouts, I find it useful as a quick method of mobilising my joints, relaxing and settling my head when a little fried. Plus it is a good warm up if practiced vigorously.

I had a look over youtube and there are plenty of video clips of Ba Duan Jin, they can be a little hard to watch as they’re mostly posted by the guys who go for the whole mystical thing.

As I have more time I intend to publish more on Chi Gung, especially the Ba Duan Jin. But for now do your mind and body a favour, deep breathing combined with joint mobility and gentle stretching most days and you’ll feel great. Even if you don’t give it a mystical chinese title.

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