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Cardio Training for the Martial Artist

Cardio training comes in many guises. Most only know the one, extended bouts of running.

Up until recently most boxing coaches would tell you to get out and jog every morning, but times are changing. We now realise that there are better ways.

Martial artists are required to generate power repetitively under fatigue. So a large part of their cardio training should be dedicated to supporting this. The cardio vascular system is essentially a transport system, it takes fuel and oxygen to the working muscles and removes waste products. In a fight the legs are working, but so is the rest of the body, so the cardio vascular system must be trained to deliver fuel to the entire structure, not just the running muscles.

That’s where circuit such as this come into play. We use large compound movements or combinations of movements along with sprints or shuttle runs will tax the entire system. You’re fighting an ever growing oxygen debt from the weight lifting and then attempting to be explosive in the sprint. You’ll see in the video the last of 5 rounds, each round is about 2 minutes and I took 1 min rests. By the round filmed, my legs were shot and the sprint was a pure effort of will.

The circuit used here is as follows:

Renegade Row / Spiderman Push Up combo x 6-8 Clean / Front Squat Combo x 6-8 Shuttle Run (turn around at 5, 10 and 15meters) 3-5 rounds with 1 min breaks.

I used a pair of 24kg kettles, you will use whatever weight is appropriate. Dumbells may be used instead of kettles, just be careful on the renegade rows.

Here’s the video:


Regards Dave

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