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Can your Kettlebell coach do this?

Here’s an awesome video clip sent to me by Wild geese regular Matt. It’s a clip of a real kettlebell master juggling a 16kg bell.

Yes, it’s dangerous. Yes, it’s extremely difficult. Yes, it’s damn cool.

Juggling is the art of throwing and catching a bell. i was shown a few things by Vasilly Gincko, but this is a whole new level all together. Juggling at this level requires hours and hours of training, day in, day out for years. Myself, I can’t do even a fraction of this, maybe some basic versions of some of the moves on deload days just to play and flow.

Watch this and be amazed:


So for all you budding instructors, before you pay that huge fee to attend that Kettlebell instructor weekend course with 16 REPS points attached, ask the coach what his juggling is like.



DON’T FORGET – Check the sidebar for the next kettlebell workshops, if you’re interested in real kettlebell lifting, these are the only workshops designed to progress you from beginner to advanced even instructor.

Here’s some feedback from the Levels 1 and 2 last week:

” Thanks for the workshops yesterday. Having been using kettlebells for a while in the regular class, I wasn’t sure what to expect since I was already familiar with all the lifts. I can safely say I never stopped learning from the moment I walked in the door. You made every lift safer and easier and left no question unanswered. Anyone who thinks they know what they’re doing should go along to the workshops and see how wrong they are.” – Paul

“The (Level 2) workshop was very informative, each movement was broken down into simple steps. The two hours flew in! You can quote me! ” Jen – Recently qualified kettlebell instructor looking to enhance her knowledge and understanding.


Use the quotes is you wish…

The beginners Level 1 workshop is vital for those just starting out and wanting to get the maximum results with minimum input and avoid injury.

For those exhausted after a 45min class.. don’t be put off with the idea of needing energy for a 2hr workshop and not being able fit. 3 weeks after starting kettlebells I did both the Level 1 and 2, 10th April workshops.

The workshop concentrates on correct technique and gives lots of interesting information on exercise combos for later. Dave does it in small chunk sizes so you can remember it afterwards.

An absolutely fantastic day of learning and practising.

The manual which was given at the end was incredibly detailed with photos and tips of the 3 main moves covered in Level 1. The manual alone is worth 25euro, the cost of the workshop!! There were only 5 in the workshop so we each got great individual attention.

My friend Anna did the beginners class with me even though she had been doing KB for 3 mts in Tipperary – she says she got loads of benefit from it on technique and correction of posture.

Thanks a mill Dave!” – Roseanne

“Thanks for that and for yesterday, I really enjoyed it.

Positives on the workshops; -Having never used a kettlebell before, I learnt a lot on the basics and felt more and more comfortable with the bell as the workshops went on -You gave great ideas on how to use it to achieve whatever anyone was looking for out of the training and also how to constantly progress -There was so much versatility and adaptability within it – It was a lot of fun

Negatives; -The only thing I can think of is that it ended

Thanks again! Take care.” – Andrew

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