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Calories and Counting Sheep

You can only train as hard as you can recover

This is a statement that needs drilled into people's heads.

Especially as they get older, busier, take on more responsibilities.

The photo below is a screenshot with one such client:

Like I said to him, this isn't an excuse to slack off!

Training doesn't have to be balls to the wall all the time, every time.

But in order to train hard at all you must recover hard.

That means Calories and Counting Sheep

As a society we sleep less than at any point in history

We have more chronic stress

More artificial light

Training is a stress.

It's an acute and voluntary stress that is done with the intention of improvement.

Yet without adequate recovery it can become yet another chronic stress beating us down.

Train hard

Recover hard

Perform to your potential


Dave Hedges

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