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Busy Mums Workout

It’s christmas and most of us are taking a break, many of us are considering joining a gym or starting exercise in the new year (I’ve just spent the last 30 minutes answering emails for our January class schedule at Wild Geese Martial Arts!)

For most of the women their plans will be  the usual mix of aerobics classes and going for a walk. Lads will probably venture into the weights area, but that as far as they go. By March, you’ll most likely quit.

For those of you considering the pro’s and cons of gym work, I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine. She, like myself, is an IKFF trained Kettlebell instructor, and also uses a lot of bodyweight and HEAVY weight lifting in her own training and that of her clients.

This is a video she sent me, she wanted my opinion on it, so here it is:

Ladies – Watch this and quit making excuses that heavy training makes you big and masculine looking

Lads – Watch this and stop making excuses – period!

This lady is based in the south of England, contact details are in the clip. Look at what she’s doing, look at the weights she’s lifting. Is she masculine? Is she bulked up? Are here 5 kids taking all her time up so she can’t train? Lads – can you or more importantly, do you do any of the stuff shown here?

[youtube=] Enjoy.


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