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Build Durable Fingers and Wrists, Save your Elbows

In our Motion Is Lotion and Indian Clubs classes we usually spend a bit of time on hand and wrist mobility.

Of all the subjects I go on about, this one topic that people tend to brush under the carpet and ignore.

We seem to take our hands for granted.

And I want you to stop it.

Especially if:

  1. You’re a kettlebell lifter

  2. You’re a fighter / martial artist

  3. You’re a callisthenics enthusiast

  4. You’re a “mover”

  5. You lift heavy stuff

  6. You have hands

Try this…

Pull your sleeve up so you can see your forearm, now wiggle your fingers. See the forearm muscles dance?

Hands have very little space in them, so all the big work muscle is kept in the forearm.

Which means if you have elbow and shoulder pain, it behoves you to check out what is going on down in the hand and wrist.

Especially if your training / sport involves a lot of gripping and / or pulling.

If you have to bear weight into your hands an wrists, or take impact through them, this should all be a no brainer.

Fortunately, the worlds of gymnastics and traditional Asian martial arts have a solid library of techniques you can apply that will not only stretch, mobilise but also add strength to the tissues that move our hands and wrists.

Techniques that can, and very often do, clear elbow pain (assuming that pain is not from the shoulder and / or neck)

A lot of Tennis / Golfers elbow can be helped by strengthening the fingers, hands and wrists and removing excess tension in the finger flexors.

I have for you a video, it is 20 minutes long.

a Video course

If you buy this video you will learn all the aforementioned training drills, which I suggest you add into warm ups and active rest periods in the gym.

The video is hosted on Vimeo on Demand, which means when I update it (which I’m already looking at) you will have access to that update at no extra cost. As long as the page exists, you are in.

Enough of the sales pitch crap, here’s the link:

Honestly, I can’t stress the value of this stuff enough.

Like I said, mosty folk choose to ignore this until it’s too late.

Are you going to be different?


Dave Hedges

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