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Breathing for Better All Round Health, an Experiment

I’ve little something I’d like you to try for me.

You should know by know that I’m a huge fan of breathing.

I feel it’s one of the most important, yet most underrated functions of the human animal, so much so that when I assess people I nearly always watch how the breathe regardless of training goals or the injury they walk in with.

So when a friend of mine shared the following tweet on his Facebook page, I was instantly interested.

It’s from Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, who prior to this I’ve never come across, but Chris Sritharan who shared this is a guy I admire and trust.

Here’s the tweet:

“I’ve found that noticing 15 exhalations/day (in 5 lots of 3) is enough to change your relationship with your sleep, anxiety and yourself…”

In the comments another friend of mine, Ronnie Ward who’s therapist based in Galway asked the obvious question, “Why 15?”

To which Dr Ramlakhan replied:

“Spent many years as a physiologist observing breathing patterns and spirometry traces and noticed that a pattern interrupt of 3 breaths was often enough to change sub optimal breathing. Then with the mindfulness movement and our busy world I experimented with ‘quick wins’ and came up with this formula. Best if done first thing on waking, as you drift off to sleep and then find a few other times during the day – eg when checking email, in meetings etc. hope makes sense. Happy experimenting”

I love that response.

Clear, precise, professional yet approachable. And not a hint of “my way or the high way” guruism that’s so prevalent in today’s internet culture.

So here’s what I ask.

Try the Doc’s pattern interrupt. At 5 separate intervals throughout the day, not just today, but the whole long weekend, stop and notice three exhales. The word notice means observe, not control

Try it over the weekend and drop me a line with your feedback.

I want to hear how it goes for you, and the Doc (now that we’re Facebook buddies) also wants to hear it, so I’ll be passing it along to her.

Hopefully I’ll also be able to pump her for more information on breathing that I can then pass onto you.

Breathing is huge in Wild Geese Land, it’s one of the topics we’ll be spending a good bit of time on during next months Upper Body Mobility & Strength workshop.

You have booked you place haven’t you?

If not, get it done here before the sale ends and it goes up to it’s still too cheap full price:

Now breathe

And I’ll see you later.


Dave Hedges

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