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Breathing and Feedback from Sunday’s Level 1 Kettlebell Workshop

Last Sunday I ran the Level 1 Kettlebell Workshop which was attended by 10 eager participants. 2 of whom were regular members of my classes, the rest I’d never met.

I have to say the group were great, they listened, watched and applied. When given the opportunity they asked some very smart questions, including one that I couldn’t give a proper answer to! Don asked what the advantage is to breathing through the nose. Puzzled, I asked why he was asking to which he replied, “Well, you always do.” I grabbed my kettle and yes, he’s right I often inhale through the nose. Is this any advantage? I’ve no idea. Why do I do it? Probably from other training when I studied Tai Chi, Chi Gung and other martial meditations. On the Level 1 I allow students to choose their own breathing style, either Anatomical or Paradox.

Paradox breathing is the most common. It is the most commonly used breathing style in any gym, as you elevate the weight, you exhale. As you lower, you inhale. in kettlebell terms, this means you exhale at the top and inhale as the bell swings back through the legs.

Anatomical breathing is where you breath with the natural rhythm of the body, as it straightens and the chest opens, you inhale, as the body compresses you exhale. In kettlebell terms it means you inhale at the top of the swing and exhale as the bell swings back through the legs.

Which is right and which is wrong? Neither, you will use the method that best suits your personality type and training style. I will tell you that for extended sets of swings, sets with high or very high reps over several minutes, you will want to use the anatomical method. But for sprints or experimenting with very heavy bells, I’d go with paradox. At this level, it is up to the participant to experiment and find their own way. Come level 3, we steer you towards anatomical for the classical lifts of Snatch and Jerk.

So back to the weekend just gone, here’s what a few of the guys had to say……..

Hi Dave,

Thanks again for the workshop. It was the same as the local kettlebell classes I’m going to except this time I ACTUALLY did (or at least attempted to do) proper squats, swings and presses, I ACTUALLY understood what to do and how and I DIDN’T hurt myself trying to copy somebody who was doing it wrong 😉 I loved the way you pointed out the common issues in doing squats, swing and presses and the little drills to improve them. Having a trainer with such a vast knowledge and experience really makes all the difference. And my muscles can feel it (but no back pain this time) 🙂

Can’t wait for Level 2 workshop!

Regards Maja

Hey… Had a great time today,was probably the most well spent €35 in ages.The main thing I noticed was that a 20kg was easier to lift wit ur tips,than my 16 kg was last time I checked!

Lookin forward to puttin in the time at home,and for the next workshop.



Many thanks for the course which was really interesting and good craic.

I look forward to using the level one book when my new kettlebell gets delivered and giving it a whirl!

All the best,


Dave can i just say that the course was amazing .It was nice to get back to basics again . Class flowed even though we were quiet at times . Felt energised after it too . Defo will sign up for the whole course and all else that you bring on board . Am away this sat camping but will drop by first one in sept to do the kettlebell class . Was talking to that girl Mia and she loved it too .Keep inspiring as the way you teach is way i like to teach also .And it was amazing to learn again from someone that is dedicated to proper technique Regards Shay

I’ll be announcing the next workshops soon, I seem to have every weekend tied up right now with christenings, birthdays and family visits, but keep an eye out on the sidebar to the right and of course the Facebook page.



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