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Bodyweight & Kettlebell Workshop dates announced:

The next few Wild Geese workshop dates have just been confirmed:

Due to popular demand I’ll be running a Bodyweight Training workshop. This will be held at my friend Gan Power’s gym: Tramore Kettlebell Fitness

The workshop will cover (but not limited to):

  1. Push Up variations to work every aspect of the body

  2. Squat variations

  3. Unilateral training

  4. Martial Arts strength training secrets

  5. Integrated core training

  6. Total body conditioners

  7. Agility

  8. Bodyweight for explosive power

  9. Mobility

Why bodyweight? Why not? Using your own body to move and become strong is the most fundamental yet most often overlooked aspect of today’s fitness training. No other training modality will give the coordination, balance and body awareness  epitomised by Martial Artists, Gymnasts and Wild Animals. Time to get beck to natural movement, No Equipment, No Excuses!

Date:  Sept 8th, Times: 1000 – 1600 Location: Tramore Kettlebell Fitness, unit1,1 riverstown, business pk Tramore, Ireland

Cost: €50

The next Kettlebell Workshops will be the Levels 1 & 2.

Instead of me trying to sell you, have a read of these:

It was really great, very detailed and no beating around the bush. You gave clear, precise pointers on the different moves which were easy to follow and implement. 

I feel that what I learned I will remember easily and can put into practice at home.

You welcomed plenty of questions if we had any and you were very clear that your way wasn’t the only way and that the more you practice the better you get.

Thanks again and see you in April,


Hi Dave,

Many thanks for sending on the docs so quickly. I had a quick look at them and it looks like they are really easy to follow guides. Perfect for practicing the exercises at home. I actually can’t wait to get a couple of kettlebells for myself now and get started.

The workshops were absolutely brilliant and very inspirational, too. I think everything was very well explained and demonstrated. Time just flew by and I could have gone on and on.  I think I really learned a lot during that relatively short period of time, and also realised how much there is still to learn. I’ll definitely be back for the level 3 workshop and will also try out your beginner’s kettlebell class very soon!

Anyway, thanks again for the brilliant workshops!



Level 1 and 2 will be run on the 14th October. Level 1 starts at 10am till 12pm Level 2 runs 12.30pm to 4pm Both cost €35 each or €60 for both. Pdf manuals will be emailed out on completion of the course.


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