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Bob the Builder Explains How Nutrition Works. No Really, He Does!

On Friday I talked about the link between your gut health and your mental health with a link to a research review product.

I got a good it of feedback from people saying thankyou for the info and that they’d never considered the two intertwined.


Good word!

That’s your word of the day, you have to fit that into a conversation at some point today, let me know on facebook when you do!

Anyhow, back to the point of this post.

Your gut health and your mental health. How and why are they inextricably intertwined?

Before we go, I’m no nutritionist and if I’m honest have no passion for the topic. But I know the basics and I understand the human animal.

But this all best understood using the power of analogy.

I find the right “lie” told well can explain complex topics very simply.

So here’s the lie.

Your body is a house.


The house is made of bricks. We’ll call these bricks: Protein

The bricks are held together by mortar. We’ll call this: Fats

The house is built by builders, we’ll call these men: Carbohydrates (carbs)

Simple so far?

Then we have all the other stuff.

Stuff like nails, screws,wiring,  light bulbs, carpets, windows, doorframes etc etc etc.

These are your micro nutrients, your vitamins and minerals.

With this analogy it’s quite easy to look around the room you’re in right now and see how it all fits together.

The protein, fats and carbs make the structure work, the vits and mins make it work better and make it more habitable.

Now, like all houses, shit breaks from time to time.

We need to knock down and rebuild walls, we need to change lightbulbs, replace windows etc.

And in order to do that we need fresh materials.

Lets say we’ve had a storm and the roof needs fixed.

We ring up the hardware shop and they deliver the goods.

But what if they didn’t have a van? Or the road was closed?

How would we get the replacement materials now?

We’d have to botch the job, patch it up with what we’ve got and hope for the best.

And this is an extremely unscientific explanation for how your body works. In this case the van and the roads are your guts.

The replacement materials can’t get to your house. The replacement nutrients can’t get to you bloodstream and used in the body.

Now do you get it?

The food you eat is important. Each mouthful is a delivery of replacement materials. It’s a spoon full of wall paper, it’s a forkful of lightbulbs.

Or it’s a spoonful of shit you don’t need. Like anything on a late night infomertial.

You get to choose what you put in your body, but your body doesn’t necessarily get everything it needs to operate at full capacity.

And if your guts are in bad health, even if you put the right stuff in, it may not get absorbed.

Now if you want the science, here’s that link again:

If you prefer my story, you’ll not go far wrong.

Happy building

the builder

Dave Hedges

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