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Big News For Our Evening Sessions

Announcement time…

Due to family circumstances, I haven’t been working evenings, which means that the crew that usually attend the Tuesday and Thursday sessions have been left to their own devices a little.

This is coming to an end.

The Polish Bear, Mr Sebastien Wierbinski, better known simply as Seba, is taking over.

Wg-Fit client Seb atop the podium of the Milan Challenge BJJ event

Seba has trained with me for many years and knows the standard I expect. Not only that he is:

  1. Well versed in strength and fitness training

  2. Brown Belt in BJJ

  3. Former European BJJ Champion, 3 times on the European podium

  4. Won lots more BJJ related stuff…

  5. A Nutrition Coach

  6. Owner of a better beard than you have

This adds an extra string to the service we offer at WG-Fit.

Since I began I’ve refused to talk about nutrition and fat loss, instead focussing on biomechanics and movement. Seb on the other hand is very focused on nutrition.

Click on the image to visit Seb’s Fork & Knife Nutrition website:

This opens up the opportunity for you to ask questions and get his expert advice on the subject while he coaches you through the workouts I program.

You can already book in with him for nutrition coaching, but why not take advantage while you’re under his supervision on the gym floor.

BJJ Champion Seb taking rest between his Military press sets

There are very few people I would trust to take charge of my clients, but Seb is one of them. I hope you show him the support he needs and the evening groups regains it’s momentum to become as busy, popular and to get the same high level of effort that the Morning and Lunchtime groups are currently showing.

Seb takes over from Tuesday Sept 2nd, the box below will allow you book into his Tuesday and Thursday sessions:

You will be in good hands.


Dave Hedges

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