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Better Breathing = Better Movement

Before we get into the meat of today’s content, thank you do everyone who got in touch after yesterdays post to agree that I am an asshole.

I appreciate the facebook comments and emails!

One of my clients even shared the post on her facebook page with the comment, “Come and train with an Asshole!”

I genuinely laughed out load at that.

But enough of that, what about today’s content?

I’ve never met a pair of shoulders that didn’t operate better when the persons breathing patterns were improved.


The lady in yesterdays post was no different.


Since my background is martial arts, I’ve always viewed breathing as a big deal. In fact the three things that I focus my attention on when dealing with most clients are:

Feet. Hips. Breath.

All three of these are vital to performance in martial arts.

cue gratuitous image of some Van Dammage! Purley to illustrate a Foot, Hip mobility and breathing... See, science!

cue gratuitous image of some Van Dammage! Purley to illustrate a Foot, Hip mobility and breathing… See, science!

And in discussion with other coaches on what the human animal is really evolved to be, it’s those three elements that keep cropping up.

Our unique hip architecture. Our unique three arch structure in the foot. Our unloaded thoracic that allows to breath independent of movement.

Yet look around you.

How many people can you see who breath deep into their abdomen? How many have strong and mobile hips? How many have fully functioning feet, with all three arches moving through their full range of motion?

Not many eh?

So if the feet don’t move well and the hips don’t move well, and the diaphragm doesn’t move well. How the hell do you think the shoulders are going to move well?

Practice breathing into the abdomen, it should expand as you inhale, compress as you exhale. Practice exhaling longer, twice as long as you inhale for, Practice breathing through your nose only (try this while doing some light aerobic work, such as jogging/cycling/easy kettlebell swings/snatches)

Try this:

Just this all by itself will help you move better. If you move better, you will perform better.

And that’s the point of training, to perform better, to be a better human animal.


Dave Hedges

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