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Bending a Car Door in Half and Being Present in a Crisis

Brian Shaw, one of the world's strongest men has a few words for you today.

This is a 6 minute video he posted on his IGTV talking about the car crash he rolled up to and helped out with the other day.

I love this speech.

It's everything I always talk about.

Listen to how he talks about it being a tough situation, how many people wanted to help but didn't know what to do.

But his wife got the phone out and called the emergency services, and he, well he did what came naturally to him, he bent the door in half!

How many times have I quoted Georges Herbert by saying "Be Strong To Be Useful"

Well, this is it. The strength to react effectively and to help out another person who is in trouble. Having the wherewithal to phone up the emergency services and explain the situation, to listen and pass on instructions is vital. Having the strength to rip a car door off, maybe that's beyond most of us, but how cool is that?? But to stop your day to act.

To have the physical and mental capabilities to act.

To have strength, mobility and endurance in both body and mind.

This is why we train.


Dave Hedges

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