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“Behaviour first. Thoughts, feelings and perceptions follow.”

“Behaviour first. Thoughts, feelings and perceptions follow.”


Over the last few days I've been listening to a lot of information coming from Stanford University Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman.

As a topic neuroscience may not be why you're here reading this blog.

But please bear with me.

As I've dug into the subject, and believe me when I tell you that I've barely scratched the surface, I'm starting to understand the WHYS behind the HOW'S

The reasons for pretty much everything we are, could be. The understanding of the concepts I've rambled on about for years in this blog are all explainable through neuroscience.

And of the scientists I've listened to and read, Huberman is the man for the job.

You could say, I've got a bit of a man crush going on!

The topic of motivation has always interested me.

Why do I have it and others don't?

Why can I simply decide to get up and go and others cannot?

The crew that have trained with me in WG-FIT over the years have been a mix.

Some would be goers, often in need of being held back a little and given direction.

Others would come to buzz off those people and myself, to "borrow" our intrinsic motivation.

Of those, a great deal of them would find their own intrinsic motivation and away they went.

Some started businesses, some took up sports, some started college, some took a promotion or new/better job.

People started to flourish.

The sentence at the start of this post explains why.

“Behaviour first. Thoughts, feelings and perceptions follow.”

Behaviour first.

Action creates motivation.

Motivation doesn't create action.

Motivation is a feeling, feelings are ill defined at best, but they do seem to be at the mercy of thoughts and perceptions. Or possibly the other way around...

But behaviour, action is what gives us that dopamine reward.

That dopamine reward changes how we feel

How we feel affects our perceptions and our thoughts

This sheds some light on why many of the results that people attribute to training in WG-FIT are so wide ranging.

I have simply described it as our Wild Geese spreading their wings, learning to fly.

Being in a place where people train hard, where all progress is celebrated, where limits are challenged at every level, where the humour and the banter is as sharp as the knives on the wall.

This lead to people learning to act.

Not react

But act.

Every achievement, while celebrated is almost immediately replaced by a new goal to achieve.

You lifted a 24kg Kettlebell? Great, here's a 28

You're shoulder injury is getting better, great, now do a push up (or whatever is appropriate)

And it wouldn't take long before that next goal is achieved and so the circle continued.

Perceptions are constantly being challenged as you learn you are more and more capable.

Thoughts are challenged as you begin to realise you CAN instead of thinking you can't.

People learned that their action created positivity through everything else.

No wishful thinking

No hippy dippy bullshit

Simply action and behaviour lead their mindset.

That mindset carried over into life outside the gym

And they became self motivated animals.

True Wild Geese

Now with Covid, the studio is open, new members are being taken in very cautiously and by appointment only.

But you can come in and train bedside some people who display the behaviour that leads to real positive change, under coaches that have walked the walk.

Or if you're not able to get in, or online service is also available.

For that simply book a call, and should you commit being the first month, the cost of that initial call is taken to cover the months online membership.

Action leads to motivation.

Behaviour first.

Is your behaviour helping or hindering your feelings, perceptions and emotions?


Dave Hedges

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