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Become a W.M.D!

Yeah! It's finally here!

It’s finally here!

I’ve been promising this for an age, but it’s finally done.

What took so long?

Simply put, I couldn’t settle my head. What started as a simple manual to accompany the Boot Camp turned into a monster. I couldn;t settle just giving out a generic program, the Boot Camp may have a general formula that I follow, but I’m always on hand to adjust things on the fly, to tailor things as needed and ensure each member gets the best coaching.

When I put the program down on paper it suddenly became inflexible. I couldn’t have that!

So what we ended up with is a detailed account of one of the most inclusive and effective training programs I’ve created. You don’t just learn the program, but the reasons behind it, how to adjust it and several alternatives to it. None of the variants take away from the program, it’s still the same program that stripped 2 stone off one lad over 12 weeks (3 revolutions), it’s the same program that ended a Kickboxers losing streak and put him on an unbroken winning streak. It’s the same program that’s turned several fighters into unstoppable workhorses, almost impervious to fatigue.

Want to know why nobody will roll with Seb during BJJ training? It’s because he went from being a big, strong, musclebound lump before the boot camp and after two revolutions (a mere 8 weeks) became a mobile, powerful, indefatigable weapon of mass destruction.

Like the Boot Camp, the W.M.D program is split into 3 distinct training days. Day 1 – Strength Day 2 – Stamina Day 3 – Work Capacity / Recovery Time

Each day is focused, targeted to developing the specific ability. On day 1 you hit heavy weights, yes I’ve offered bodyweight suggestions for those training at home, but it’s low rep, heavy stuff that gets you strong. each week progresses on the last building to a max. On day two you will want to stop, your mind will play tricks, but the clock just keeps ticking. If you stop moving before that buzzer goes off, you’ve lost to the biggest opponent you’ll every face, yourself! On day 3 it’s fun time. High intensity circuits and interval training to develop resistance to fatigue, to develop power under fatigue, to develop the ability to recover.

There’s also a chapter on mental preparation, a FAQ section and many highly detailed photographs of each exercise listed.

You get 6 Power Circuits, 21 conditioning circuits, 3 “cardio” methods and two fitness tests.

I’ve just uploaded it today, a few months later than promised but in time for your new years resolutions..

For get your copy click here:

Click for more details

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