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Beat the Crab Bucket

I love what I do for a living, so much so I hate calling it a job. The problem with this is, when I do have a bit of a bad day, if I am looking to have a bit of a moan and feel sorry for myself, no one takes me seriously.

Back when I did work for a living, back when I was in the hotel trade and then the security industry, all the guys were in the same boat, we all had the same complaints and we all supported each other. If one of us was down, someone in the team would pick him up. These days no one believes it when I have a bad day, especially as a central part of my job is to inject enthusiasm and energy into the room.

Fortunately we have facebook, where it seems every person I’m connected to is posting inspirational quotes and images every two minutes. Where they get these from I’ve no idea and quite frankly, most of them are complete bullsh1t. This one though stopped me and made me think for a while:

The day I saw this I was getting over a stomach bug and wasn’t feeling the best, I’d old injuries playing up, I’d had a long few days covering classes for my other instructors and was generally feeling sorry for myself. So what should I do?

“Encourage others”

The next class came in and I gave them a banging session, they worked, they learned, they left beaming. I felt awesome.

Today, I want you to do the same thing.

The world is full of negativity, it’s easy to be pulled into it. There is a phrase for this, it’s “crab bucket” It comes from the fishermen watching the crabs they’d just brought in. The crabs would all be clambering to get out of the bucket, but as soon as one of them gets near the lip, as soon as one of them almost makes it the rest pull him back in. Everyone makes a lot of effort trying to escape while at the same time pulling everyone else back. Crab Bucket. Wouldn’t it be better if they just worked together, the one who gets to the lip reaches back and pulls someone else up, then the two of them help a third?

This is what the Master means when he says “Encourage others”

I know that if you’re reading this you’re already above average. I know that if you’re a regular at Wild Geese you have more motivation then 99% of the people you see every day. You are the crab that got out of the bucket. Now reach down and help another one out.

Maybe point them in the direction of the Motivation eBook (simply click on the image to download)

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Or maybe you can bring them with you to training. If you do, and they stay for a while, I’ll give you their first monthly payment.

If they don’t, well at least you tried. Maybe you sowed a seed that will grow in time, maybe they’ll turn round in a few weeks time and ask you about preparing for a half marathon or where to buy themselves a kettle. Either way, you’ll have encouraged someone to take the step and you’ll have beat the crab bucket.

Take charge of life, then help others do the same.


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