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Be More Ruth

This is Ruth

Ruth is an artist, check this out:

Wild Geese is full of people from all walks of life. But when someone steps on the training floor, their "outside identity" falls away. The expectations of that identity are left outside. But the attributes that we develop on the training floor, well, they travel with them back out into their outside identity.

We've witnessed this with Ruth and she went through periods of struggle with her work, either overwhelm or lack if inspiration. She knows that coming in for her Iron Supplements is about more than building the physical body. She understands that it's a time that the outside world can't touch her, that for that time she can put aside all thoughts and simply think about the next rep.

1 rep followed by another 1 rep.

Feeling stronger week by week, being able to do more this session than last session.

By the end of the session she is taller, the big smile is back and she's mentally reset to get back and attack whatever problems are plaguing her. 1 job followed by another job

Training, getting your iron supplements serves as a mirror to the real world. It is one of the few times of the day that you will not be disturbed, that you can grunt and snort and use up those stress hormones. The self esteem development is unquestionable as if you swing a heavier kettlebell, you have swung a heavier kettlebell. No one can say otherwise. If you did an extra rep, an extra 2 reps, that is unquestionable, no one can say otherwise.

The weights don't ask for anything other than effort They don't reward anything other than effort They don't care who you are outside, but they'll help you be a better version of that person.

Classes are back up and running, although we must insist on prebooking so we can control numbers and monitor who is coming in and out

You can book in here:

We'll see you soon


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1 Comment

Thanks Dave! Very much appreciate this post 💪 The gym has got me through a lot- while learning loads, meeting fantastic people and clearing and resetting my mind- and listening to brilliant metal and rock music 🙌 I am very grateful to have been introduced to Wild Geese!

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