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Be Flexible and Powerful to create Usable Strength

Have you noticed how I use the three words Strength, Mobility & Endurance ad nauseam?

Never just strength.

Never just mobility.

Never just endurance.

They are, in my mind the three attributes that make up fitness.

If "Fitness" were a three legged stool, then Strength, Mobility and Endurance would be the legs of that stool.

In a conversation over in Facebookland recently, highly respected and experienced coach Mark Reifkind posted a video of a discuss thrower.

And a conversation developed in the comments.

Mark has spent time around some fairly high level throwers, which he mentioned in one comment to which he was asked what his biggest take away from seeing them train was.

He said this:

Key words:

"Flexible and powerful"



I have bodybuilding and powerlifting friends, and, no disrespect lads, you move like shit. Too specialised. No elasticity, no bounce in their movement.

WG-Fit was founded on martial arts, combat sports. Fighters by definition NEED to move well. And a superb place to gain training inspiration for fighters is to look at the some of the training done by throwers. But do remember, that they only have to do ONE thing really well, so they are still more specialised than a fighter who must do multiple things well. Plus, they don't do much endurance work, which all fighters know is of very high importance!

Check out these videos from legendary thrower (and mustache wearer) Werner Gunthor, former World and European champion and Olympic Bronze medalist:

Save these videos, anytime you need motivation to train, watch them.


Dave Hedges

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