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Back to Basics

Over the last few weeks I’ve been very busy, so I’ve stripped everything back to basics. My own training is back to basics, my students have been practicing basics, my clients are being given programs based on the simple basics.

Why? well partly because I’m juggling Personal training, Kenpo classes, Eskrima classes, Circuit classes and Self defence classes, but my real focus is at home where the missus is about 6 weeks away from giving birth to our first born.

But guess what…

Every one of my students and clients has improved significantly.

My martial arts and self defence students all feel more confident and effective. My fitness clients have lost/gained inches I’m getting stronger (but not gaining weight) and I can spend a little less time working and planning for classes & clients and more time at home.

Everybody wins

Just goes to show, sometimes you just need to step back, go back to basics, improve the foundations of whatever pursuit you wish to excel at.

All the best

Dave every cause but our own

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