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Back to basics

I’m getting back to basics this week with my workouts. which means one thing, Bodyweight Training.

Nothing is a pure, honest and truly efficient as bodyweight training or calisthenics, not even my beloved kettlebells.

The reason for this? Aside from the fact that I always try to incorporate bodyweight into my training anyhow, I’m also creating this years “12 Days of Fitness” series, which in true style I’ve left to the last minute.

If you remember last Christmas I sent out a series of bodyweight workouts for you lot to use while I was away on my holidays (it was also recently featured on the My Mad Methods website), well I’ll be doing the same this year. In the next day or so I’ll give you details of how to get hold of this, check back soon.

Until then I’ll keep having fun creating No Equipment, No excuses workouts for you



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