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Attitude and Standards, this shit is important!

A few points on Standards and Attitude that have been inspired by the last few days in Facebookland.

Lets start with a Meme one of my online clients made using one of my favourite soundbytes:

In all my days I never once thought I’d end up as a motivational meme.

Lets get to the point:

  1. Standards are goals to strive for

  2. If standards are lowered, they are no longer STANDARD, they become variable

  3. Not all standards are achievable by everybody.

  1. But that shouldn’t stop you trying

  2. Attitude is your willingness to work to your max

  3. Attitude is your willingness to step up

  4. Attitude has nothing to do with ability

  5. Your attitude to training is probably the biggest indication of your potential to improve

In a nutshell, that’s it.

Attitude trumps talent.

Some of the specimens in the gym that you look up to or get intimidated by are outliers, naturals, genetically gifted. Your only chance to get to where they are is through attitude.

And if you have the genetics and the attitude, then the world is your oyster.

I have over the years witness people with little talent, few natural abilities but a bucket load of attitude metamorphose into real bonafide athletes purely because they had attitude in spades and held themselves to the highest of standards.

And I’ve seen talented individuals waste their ability because they expected standards to apply to everyone else except them.

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