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Ask Dave: Nasal Breathing and Sports Performance

You know I'm a big proponent for nasal breathing.

It is, or rather it ought to be, our default breathing pattern. The reason it isn't is more to do with habit and lifestyle than anything else.

But as I talk about it more, more people ask questions.

Questions are good.

Many of the questions are the same.

This latest question actually came from my Son when were having a knock about at the Hurling field, but it's been asked of me several times in the past.

The question is: Should I still be breathing through my nose when I'm playing?

The answer is:

Since doing this little video I've been looking at Brian Mackenzies work again to find you more about the Gears analogy he uses. I found this infographic:

One thing we must never forget is the difference between living, training and performing.

  • Living is an aerobic endeavour, and should be enjoyed.

  • Training is the act of up-skilling, challenging and increasing our performance potential, it should make Living easier and more enjoyable.

  • Performing is the act of doing something to absolute best of your ability, and your living skills and training results should all come out subconsciously, reflexively in your performance.

Chat soon

Dave Hedges

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