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Ask Dave: How do I Train to Keep My Knees Safe for BJJ

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

As I'm slowly being dragged into the 21st century, I've finally figured out (thanks to Google) how to make IGTV.

As a result I've started doing short videos to answer client questions

One question that comes up with some frequency is how to keep the knees good.

The BJJ community in particular ask this a lot.

BJJ is a fantastic martial art that I highly recommend to anyone (especially thoee working in use of force professions)

But due to the nature of the game, the joints are going to be put in vulnerable positions.

So it behooves you to think about your supplemental strength training to try and get the joints as "bulletproof" as possible.

It just so happens that in building bullet proof knees you're building stronger legs and a strong back.

Here's the video:

There's several ways of putting this training together, depending on your starting point.

1: Kettlebell Swing x 100 reps (to warm up)

2: Pistol Squat 5x5L/R

3: Deadlift 5x5

4A: Ball of Foot Bridge x 30sec L/R

4B: Lateral lunge x 6-8L/R

4B: Hindu Squats x 30sec

4-6 rounds

If you're short on time you can leave out the circuit.

For the pistol squats, start by sitting to a box. As you get stronger, lower the box until you can do them free standing, then start adding weight.

Do this twice per week, first day pushing the envelope, second day only going to around 80% of day 1.

Now, of you have an existing injury, you should get this assessed before taking advice given out freely on a blog.


Dave Hedges

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