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Are you helping or hindering your clients?

I’m going to keep this post short as I’ve been sat staring at this screen the last few hours putting together my upcoming Kettlebell Instructor Program assessment criteria.

I’ll be judging the participants according to four criteria:

Fitness Test, up to 15% of overall score Technical Competence, up to 25% of overall score Class & Training Program Design, up to 30% Teaching Competence, up to 30%

I haven’t finished yet, so these numbers may change, but this is where I’m headed. Notice the emphasis?

That’s right, it’s on the ability to pass on the understanding, not just being able to bang out reps, lift heavy shit or even say big words. It’s about passing along the information to the people who are paying you to teach safe, effective training methods and aid them on their journey to awesomeness.

The fitness industry is a powerful beast. It allows us, the fitness experts, to stand in front of hundreds of people every week and have them do pretty much whatever we tell them too. People put their trust in us, they allow us to stress and strain their bodies, to have them do things that are potentially injurous. All in the faith that we know what we are doing and aren’t going to hurt them.

Instructing the Get Up

Instructing the Get Up

Yet right now, as the kettlebell becomes more deeply embedded in the public gym circles, as it finds its way into more bootcamps and fitness classes, the rate of injury is going up at a vast rate of knots.

This is not acceptable.

If a 60kg Russian girl can snatch a 24KG bell for 174 reps at a competition without batting an eyelid, yet Joe Bloggs down the road is crippled with back ache after a session swinging a 16kg bell, there seems to be a discrepancy in training methods, or more importantly coaching methods.

So while we don’t all have access to world class coaching, as the Russians do, we can still aim to reach for the highest possible standards.

After all, isn’t our job to progress our clients?

It’s not about giving them a “good workout” it’s about gradually developing their physical abilities.

I hope to announce the final details for the very first WG-Fit Kettlebell Instructor Training Program in the next week, as soon as I have tested my assessment criteria.

Until then here’s a couple of video clips on the swing that will help you, the coach, with your teaching or you, the client, on deciding if your coach is helping or hindering you:

The Basics:


Common Errors:


For even more detail on the lifts, I have three highly detailed PDF manuals available, you can check these out HERE.

Until next week.

Regards Dave Hedges

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