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Are you back training yet?

When my lads were at hurling practice the other day I was chatting to one of the other dad's on the sideline.

He's a guy I've bumped into a lot of at the local leisure centre when I've gone up there to use the barbells before lockdown

Are you back training yet?


Did you stop?

I didn't.

Neither did most of the WG-FIT regulars

I've long been of the opinion that if you are reliant on any one location or particular gear or specific methods, then you maybe don't understand training.

There's a huge amount you can do with nothing but a couple of square metres of floor space.

With just your bodyweight

With just a single Kettlebell, or dumbbell, or sandbag, homemade or custom designed

In fact if you have a body, you can train.

You should train

The only thing you absolutely must have

The only essential thing you need

Is attitude


Dave Hedges

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