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Are AiM Assessments just for Athletes?

This is a very quick blog to give you a little push....

The fundraising event we are part of for Wild Geese member Ian Coughlan who suffered a severe spinal injury recently, is going quite well.

For my small part I'm running Anatomy in Motion Assessments on Friday 24th and Sat 25th and donating the proceeds to the fund. If you request to attend one of these sessions, I'm asking you how much you're willing to pay, and if someone offers more, they get the timeslot. Kind of auction like.

This is to help out Ian and his family while he is laid up. We don't know the prognosis, but any spinal injury is life changing, not just for the athlete, but the athletes family.

So far, the two Friday appointments have bids on them. €150 and €120 respectively. Which is fantastic.

The Saturday sessions are so far still open.

We could take that €270 in current bids and double that!

One question I got was from a client wondering if they being an office worker rather than a hard core athlete, would they benefit from an assessment?

Of course they would! I've had members bring in their kids, their parents, their siblings, in some cases their own clients and students. Many joined WG-Fit over the years because of the our AiM protocols and how we can help you help yourself.

You don't need to be an athlete, You don't even need to have an interest in fitness. But you do need a body and an open mind. Bring those and you'll leave with a body that feels better and the tools in your toolbox to maintain that feeling, even keep that feeling developing from doing just a couple of gentle movements.

The basic theory on what we do is to place the body in such a position that the muscles have no choice but to fire. When a muscle fires reflexively, it send a signal up the chain to the brain, rather than the way we usually think of movement, which is by sending signals down the chain from the brain to the muscle. I can't say for certain that this is exactly how AiM works, but it's our best estimate. The muscles and joints are arranged to make us move a certain way, when we move well, as in all the joints moving with good timing as we move through our gait cycle (that nerd talk for: walking) then all the muscles lengthen and spring back with good timing, the joint spaces are fed and lubricated, everything moves just so. And this is where we often see pain and injury seemingly dissolve. And if you're an athlete, this is where we see performance potential really open up.

If you're curious, and willing to donate to a good cause, book in


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