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Any Cause But Our Own, continued

The Line "Any Cause But Our Own" is an often quoted line from poet Emily Lawless work, "With the Wild Geese"

The story of the Wild Geese is that we were mercenaries fighting against oppression. There's more to it than that, but that's the short version.

Now, our current oppression comes by way of the Covid-19 virus that is classified as a pandemic. A virus that has caused a huge number of deaths in Italy, is doing a lot of damage in Spain and will do damage where you are.

You, as Wild Geese, are not likely to suffer too much directly, you are after all a person who trains and does all the things associated with training.

But, you could well carry the virus unknowingly, so it is important that you do stay home and social distance yourselves as much as possible so you don't become a link in the chain that spreads the virus.

Where some of you have been affected though is in your pocket.

Not all of you can continue to work at home, there are members of the #WGFAMILY that are currently not working, and therefore, potentially not earning.

I have two things to say on this:

1: Do not be ashamed, this is not your fault, if you need help reach out.

2: Use the #WgFamily. And if you contact me directly, I will anonymise your message before sending out through our members only channels. There are people in the #wgfamily that can help. Seba has offered to drive around and pick up groceries for the people in Dublin, I'm sure others will do the same. There are members that are high earners and have financially helped out other members in the past. Our whatsapp group, facebook group, this websites forums are all open for peer support And you can contact me or Seb via phone, skype, zoom etc for a "face to face" chat. You may be in isolation, but you are not isolated.

Get in touch if you CAN help or if you NEED help

Chat soon


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