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An Unusual Handcare Tip

Get a roomful of kettlebell lifters together and you inevitably seem them showing each other the palms of their hands. Each one will be checking out everyone else’s calluses and blisters, comparing them to their own.

Blisters are inevitable when you lift kettlebells enough, especially during the time when you are still perfecting your technique, or are chasing a new PR.

One of my regular lads is no stranger to these blisters, he comes in and throws himself into the days workout with almost reckless abandon, as much as I stress good technique, he just wants to work hard. As a result, he often tears his hands. Everytime he does this I look at him and say, “That’s going to slow your training down, why will you not just listen!”

But a few days later, he’s back and his hand is almost back to normal again. How does he do this?

Is he Wolverine with accelerated healing abilities?

No, he has young children at home, and so has a plentiful supply of Sudacrem.

That’s right, he rubs nappy rash cream onto his hands. And sure enough, they heal up in about half the normal time! So if you lift Kettles, but want hands as soft as a babies bum, you know what to do…


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