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Aim for Ian

Last month a member of our Wg Family suffered a traumatic training injury.

Ian Coughlan, a Judo Black belt under WGMA Judo and BJJ & MMA Competitor suffered a spinal injury in training that has left him unable to move.

This is Ian, I nicked this image from his Facebook profile, I hope he doesn't mind. I have watched Ian help out teaching the Kids Judo class at WGMA many a time, something he clearly loved to do.

Our own Wild Geese gym is running a fundraising event on the 25th Sept, Abnel of Republic of Jiu-Jitsu will be organising events.

I will be travelling down to Dublin for this day.

I will also be taking bookings while in town.

On Friday 25th I will take 2 AiM Bookings, and then one more on Saturday morning before Abnel's events begin.

The proceeds from these appointments will be donated to the fundraising pot.

So it's cash only, I'm asking how much you wish to pay on the booking request form, the appointment will go to the highest bidder.

Usually I charge €85 for an AiM Assessment, but for these 4 sessions, 2 on Friday 24th and 2 on Sat 25th, lets raise a little bit more...

The rest of the day while I'm in town, I'd love to catch up with an of the Wg-Fit regulars.

See you there


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