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Ageing is inevitable

but Getting Old is a choice

There's no stopping the march of time.

Your bodies odometer is going to keep clocking up those miles.

This, you can't change.

But the idea that you're old, that people view you as old or worse still, you view yourself as old.

That is something you have some control over.

Many folk seem to hit their late 20's, early 30's and grind to a halt.

They start talking about all the things they used to do

They start saying things like "at my age"

But there's others.

There's those inspirational people who are still mentally and physically fit and agile.

They're able to throw shapes, be it in the gym, on the mats or even on a dance floor.

And they're never far from telling a joke, laughing at themselves or learning something new

If you stop challenging yourself, you stop growing

If you aren't growing, aren't pushing forward, then you start to decline.

In your teens and twenties, push fucking hard.

Do everything.


You are gaining altitude.

Yes, as you creep towards 40, you may slow down a little, but you can certainly keep climbing.

The higher you get, the longer you have up there.

Look up the aviation concept of Glide Ratio, my buddy Wolfgang Brolley, a badass physiotherapist who in his 50's can out train, out work and out think most 20 year olds, Wolf lives by the idea of Glide Ratio

The smiling dude with the grey beard in the photo, that's Brere Wolf

Ageing is inevitable

Getting old is a choice

Look for people like Wolf

People who are older but are doing the things you'd like to be doing, living like you'd like to live.

And start to emulate them.


Dave Hedges

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