Adaptation for Life

In a recent discussion with a client about bone health, I had him look up " Wolfe's Law "

The conversation started when he told me about a lady he knows with a rare genetic disorder Osteogenesis Imperfecta

I've not come across this and have only read a couple of articles since he mentioned it, so I'm not going to go into any details on the disorder.

But in essence, it leads to weak bones very akin to osteoporosis

So bones.

And Wolfe's Law

If you've ever heard a coach or trainer talk about the SAID principle:


Adaptation to



Then you've got the crux of what Wolfe is trying to tell you.

It is that tissues (muscles, bones, ligaments and so on) adapt to the challenges placed on them.

And bones will become denser when placed under stress.

If ever there was a compelling reason to lift, this is it.

Bodyweight exercise is great, up to a point.

But few things can replace external load for a non impactful way to stimulate the adaptations in the bones.

Take note that these adaptations take a lot longer than than the muscles do.

What would be my top pick for this kind of adaptation?

Well, the usual suspects of

Squats of all kinds

Deadlifts of all kinds

Carries of all kinds

Longer sets of kettlebell lifts

And walk. Or run, but definitely get plenty of time on your feet.

This time on your feet is far more important than speed or distance.